Save Our Souls – A Restorer’s Plea

Check out this wonderful restoration blog with a focus on Le Sud!
Kolla in den här underbara restaureringsbloggen med fokus på Sydfrankrike!


French House Restoration Renovation, Restoration, Restraint.

I have just seen another 100 year old tiled floor and a panel of beautiful wall tiles (reminiscent of those in Monet’s kitchen at Giverny) hacked out and thrown in a skip.

I understand all too well that initial urge to update, uprate & improve when presented with an old French house in dire need of functional, accessable toilets, modern plumbing, efficient heating, hazard free electrics with sensibly sited sockets and walls that don’t crumble when you lean on them.

To make such a house welcoming, warm, safe and beautiful takes a lot of work. I know. But if you want to replace original features you don’t love, remember someone else will, always.

I am not advocating that we give up heating or insulation or dry rooms, but I am asking you to think long and hard before you jump in with that hammer.

If you…

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