Restore, recycle, reuse, relook it, relove it

Our British blogger friends once again encourage us on our journey towards a sustainably and historically restored house in Peyriac


I have been blog-chatting with JP at where he and his wife have been musing on restoring features at their medieval village house ( also in the Aude) and perhaps commissioning replacement features.

JP has what looks like a very beautiful, original shaped stone window surround, historically blocked up, and is considering the possibility of having a stained glass panel in this. See his blog entry 26/01/2017 (link above).

This made me think about the house below right that we viewed before buying ours.medieval-window-france

Although this little house in Brenac was way too small and dark for us, it did have this wonderful feature in the living room- a beautiful little arched, stained glass window to the rear.

Can you see it? So, you have your precedent JP! Not that you need my permission of course!

I am very happy to see that JP is also recycling much of…

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