Tread carefully….

Look what our Brittish blog friends/followers did with their staircase. We will find a similar solution for both our stairs with (perhaps old) oak. Great inspiration – thanks!



Many moons ago; maybe six years, we decided that the lethal access to the terrace bedroom needed addressing urgently. ( HA!)
The reason for the crazy perch of that doorway over the stairs is that the terrace bedroom side of the house was originally, the barn, tacked onto the living spaces of the house as a mid 20thc afterthought.

Three doorways were punched through, one on each level, to connect one side of the house to the other.
To say that two of these three access points were sited without due care and attention would be understatement of the decade. So, one leaps athletically from the existing and unaltered staircase to the terrace bedroom doorway with care.

So, we cut new stairs in 2.5 cm thick ”Pin Maritime”hard pine ( each one COMPLETELY DIFFERENT) and will basically be wrapping the existing staircase.

To get the shape right for each step…

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