Tread carefully part 2- an update on safer stairs stories

So good to exchange experiences and thoughts with friends who have similar ambitions and so much knowledge! Thanks!


DSC00316Looking through JP’s latest post on his wonderful blog here I had a strong sense of deja-vu.

OK, students, compare and contrast JP’s photos with mine here-

Although the room looks a little wider, the stairs access in JP’s French village house is identical to ours on the first floor (we had a door at the bottom of these stairs also), and the view down the stairs? Well……. DSC00331

I thank you JP, for filling in another of the huge gaps in the history of our house. I have never been quite sure if this staircase between 1st and 2nd floors was in it’s original historical position. As JP’s house has similar bones age wise to our place, it looks very much like our staircase layout  is older than I first thought .

It seems likely that our original wooden staircase was removed, possibly because it was rotten, …

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