Oh Well !

Isn’t it amazing what you can find when restoring an old french house…


well campagneHere is the official well, situated  behind the Templar church of Saint Sébastien. A very knowledgeable local who has an encyclopedic knowledge of the oral history of Campagne-sur-Aude has been digging out and restoring this well- check out page 12 of the Bulletin Municipale.

Yes it’s a little out of date, this is our village..



Interestingly, the partial and chaotic house deeds we hold ( cobbled together very recently we think) make mention of another well on our property, vague rumours of which had reached our ears.cave door The filled in remains were found under this slab-right-the cave before-
No we did not find the necessary enormous funds to excavate, repair, restore it and put a decorative glass viewing panel over. Maybe one day, but right now heating , plumbing and everything else comes first.

temp-church-campagne1In the interests of research, I went trawling about looking for photos of…

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