Can you stucco stencil it? Yes you can!

Our Brittish blog friends who constantly inspire us did it again!!


15thc stencil painted wallsstencilled ceiling

Yes sir, we can stencil. And we can handpaint motifs on our French Country Walls and Ceilings etc . Above are two fine examples and some more here     Thank you JP!

I have done my research to get a sense of style and feel and in this low key treatment in the salon –below- I have experimented for the first time with a textured plaster motif .

We have no grand plasterwork or stucco in our village house so this is an opportunity to start adding the decorative flourishes. Even Trev likes it!

How ?- Right, first of all you need a fairly substantial stencil. This one is on a thickish acetate and I have had it for over 20 years; it originally came free with Period Living magazine in UK and is a simple and classic authentic 18th century motif.

What you DON’T necessarily need is a…

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