Tour de France prequel

and this is a post from another good blogger where you can follow the sponsor parade

Taste of France

LCL bikeHere they come.


The crowds started gathering at 8 a.m. The cyclists wouldn’t arrive until two minutes before 2 p.m.


After lots of equipment trucks and such, the excitement mounted. The gendarmes! They got lots of applause. Followed by the sponsor parade.

LCL bear A bank.

juice box Juice. Bio means organic.

juice box orange More juice

haribo Candy.

mickey Disney.

skoda Skoda (cars. Part of Volkswagen).

banette Bread (actually a supplier of wheat and other stuff to bakeries)

bearn Tourism for Béarn, home of béarnaise sauce. It’s in the Pyrénées–see the mountains, right?

bic pen Bic pens (lighter behind). French company. To the point that ”bic” is slang for pen.

bostik Most logical mascot: a gecko for Bostik glue.

carrefour fish Fresh fish from the supermarket (Carrefour is #2 worldwide after Wal-Mart).

cochonou trio Cochonou sausages! Love those old Citroëns.

cornetto Cornetto ice cream.

Enedis Electric company. Brilliant, isn’t it? High-tension wires.

gaulois Those are drumsticks. Riding on a giant chicken.

haribo 2 More candy.

Ibis Budget hotel chain. They threw out inflatable pillows.

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