The French Market

Yet another episod from a great French blog to to alleviate my longing for Aude…

Taste of France

13-marcheTomorrow is Saturday, the best day of the week. Market day.

sunflowersThere are markets on Tuesday and Thursday, but they’re smaller. Saturdays bring more sellers and buyers. It’s a big social event, centered on food. So very French.

watermelonI have my favorite vendors. I try to stick to seasonal produce. It is better in season, and the lack of it out of season makes it all the more special when it’s available.

peachesThe apples have appeared. The nectarines and peaches are still going strong, but you can tell they’re going to get farineuse–mealy–pretty soon.

flat-peachesThere are plenty of tomatoes, and now that the heat has broken, it’s time to make spaghetti sauce.

melon-tasteAn adieu to summer….

red-peppers That’s per kilo…

peppers-green Hot peppers

rotisserie-chicken Rotisserie chicken….just TRY walking past!

melons Yellow melons

ham Ham or jambon

almonds Almonds or amandes

band A little entertainment

snails Snails or escargots

figs Figs or figues

apricots Apricots, or abricots, still in…

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