Episode 22- Up on the roof II

Our British blogger friends, who are our role models, already did their rooftop terrace years ago!


renovation, restoration, relaxation

As we sit among the village roof tops and look at the hills and the birds we feel a shift into a new perspective on life.

The village is so quiet that most of the time the only sound is the river below; sometimes gently ambling along, sometimes thundering past, swollen with melt water from the mountains as it tumbles down the High Valleys toward the flatter plains around Carcassonne.

To the North and West, the village roofs ripple away from our Campagne%20sur%20Aude%20llll[1]terrace in mad dips and slopes, slanting toward the spire of the 11th century church in the square which looks down over the ancient fortified ring of stone dwellings, archways and balconies at the centre of Campagne sur Aude.DSC01344

Beyond are the ring of foothills that cradle the village as they march toward the Pyrenean mountains.

If we ignore the tv ariels and satellite…

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